The original hand-numbered limited-edition ONE shirt

Our ONE is the greatest shirt in the world. Well, we think so not just because it's ours. It's because we're trying to change the world with it.

We're taking simple particles of a cotton flower fashioned into a piece of cloth and turning it into a revolution. It only can start if you support it. Just you, as one person at a time. If one person buys ONE and you give it to someONE who tells it to two and three and four, you can take over the world. We hope to get the shirt on everyone's back.

Yeah, we know that sounds a little bit loony, but it really is the goal. And we think we can make it happen.

If every single person becomes the one person who gathers the momentum you and I and us all together can take the message out to the ends of the Earth and beyond. How to start? Get the shirt.

We're really in it for the money — well, no, not for the money for us but for the impact on all of us. We want to gather the means to start this project to change the world all of us together.

The ONE idea was to have ONE shirt to start to bring people closer together and to have it conclude in a world where we can see it clearly, that we are all ONE soul, to see, wear then act like we're connected, because we're really not that far apart after all.