about us

Are you like us?  
When we watch a movie, we root for ‘the good guys’ to do the right thing. But we don’t always do the right thing in our own lives.  

When advising a friend, we can clearly articulate and envision the right way to act, but we don’t always act the right way in our own lives.  

When we wake up in the morning, we plan to appreciate life, stay positive, dream big and maximize the day, but we often go to sleep at night having fallen short of these values.  

We know that judging others on their external appearances is silly, superficial and wrong, but we often find ourselves being too lazy to get to know, to listen and to understand others as we should. 

We are far from perfect ourselves, but would still love to try to perfect our world.  
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     Are you also frustrated and saddened by the disunity that seems to plague our society?

    Do you agree we should all do our part to
try to bring our world together? 

We want to help form a more perfect world, one piece, one part, one soul at a time. So we whipped up our ONE shirt idea and decided to act on it right away.  

It seemed simple and totally doable: We'd design a T-shirt to remind ourselves and others that we are all essentially ONE. Each person who buys and wears their ONE shirt is donating to the cause vowing to do their part to unite the world. 

The donations go to help heal the world and further spread the message of unity together. Each registered, licensed charitable cause that receives a donation is listed on our website, along with the number of pieces purchased so you can see the donation total in real-time. 

Yes, we might each look a bit different and have different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, but our essence, our life-force and all our souls are ONE united PIECE of the Infinite.  

It’s a shirt that's also a small reminder. But wouldn’t it be awesome if this created a movement of UNITY throughout the world? 

If you agree, please do your part: DO, BUY and WEAR your piece, your ONE shirt — and help us get ONE shirt closer to 7.8 billion.  

7.8 billion people. ONE shirt.  

(...what would your mom say if you were the one who kept us from reaching 7.8 billion?)