the ONE shirt realized

Product description: 
The ONE shirt was designed because ideas are great but tangible items spark change. 
The world is seemingly more connected than ever; you can get from LA to Paris in less than 12 hours — and we have live real-time imaging of galaxies a trillion miles away. 
We all stay super-connected and know the exterior, smiling, filtered appearance of the lives of every one of our “friends,” but, in reality, we have never felt more unconnected and alone. 
The idea behind ONE piece was simple: How can we create an item that people connect with to remind us, daily, that, at the end of the day, we are all One. 
Not in some fluffy way but in an actual sense. 
We are all breathing from the same oxygenated life-force, a unified energy field connected to a single generator. 
The more we look at another human being as not a separate entity but as a part of us, the closer we can become to making this world our family's home.
The ONE shirt.  
Part of the world piece project.