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The ONE shirt / World Piece Project was started by a mentor and a mentee who shared a vision for a world that began the same way their relationship did. Two souls who saw that, despite age, background and physical differences, there was much more that's the same than was different.
After months of intensive sharing of ideas and ideals about how modern ways coupled with ancient insights can perhaps ignite and elicit change, we two wanted to share one goal of getting a simple, single idea out there — one of an enterprise driven by a unified mission.
Not the type of mission showboating ways that a company will say whatever to get customers yet doesn’t really care about who they or those customers are, but one that resonates within the depths of the very fiber of each soul's very being.
That’s when ONE was born.
We asked our friends and family to unite, too, and so we set up this site and warehouse for our piece of peace and a transparent repository for donations distribution. And even if it’s still a newborn where we have no idea how it will grow up and turn out, we hope you’ll join us for the adventure.
The idea is simple: share the concept that we are all one by selling a single piece at first, a high-style/high-quality T-shirt that we hope everyone will one day be wearing in solidarity. Each has one unique number on it to show off the wearer's vital piece of the tapestry of ONE-ness and unity. 
It’s made of the best fabric sourced on earth and is designed to last you a long time on your journey around the sun.
For every individually-numbered shirt purchased another ONE will also be donated to someone else to acquire ONE of their own.
At first, a portion of our post-donation proceeds will go to starting up this company with the hopes of its becoming its own foundation that shares the mission of oneness. For now it's here and at
One planet.
One humanity.
One source.
One you.
Unity + you = One.