Piece of World Peace | the ONE shirt

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Help us realize our mission of world unity by being the missing piece. Wear the original individually-numbered hand-crafted first-edition World Piece Project ONE shirt. Free shipping on all orders. Your purchase will enable us to blast off by starting up this world-changing project. As one of the first 1,000 supporters you'll get your name on our Roots Pledge Wall page along with your ONE shirt. Yeah, our plans are huge, but, like everything else on earth, it all starts with a small piece — and this ONE's yours. We are nothing without you and your support. 

We are ONE, one "brand" that all people can get behind because they are part of the idea — so this one step is one you can do, too, now.

Your support could take us all to a different place starting here, today.

Buy ONE.




Designed and printed in El Segundo, California, USA, N.A., Earth.